Welcome to the Friends of Springwater (FOSPW) Website!

We hope you come out to visit The Springwater Conservation Area and see all the wonderful things this unique area has to offer.  Then you’ll see why we choose to seasonally camp here and decide to join us!

The Springwater Conservation Area is a project that began in 1971 by the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority (CCCA), which was itself founded in 1950.    It consists of 32 hectares of natural area which is open for public use, and has a six hectare spring-fed reservoir.  The reservoir offers swimming, canoeing, and fishing along with 150 meters of sandy beach.  There are hiking trails (8 km in total) located throughout the area.  Picnic areas offer ample space for outdoor sports and recreation.

Springwater forest is located across the road from the main campground.  The Catfish Creek Conservation Authority has preserved and protected this 142 hectare ageless forest from unauthorized clearing.  It provides an ideal environment for outdoor education, wildlife observation, nature studies, hiking, and general relaxation.

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